Abby Calaceto



I throw porcelain forms on the wheel, each simply and cleanly designed. I then paint or slip-trail the forms with porcelain slip to achieve the truest colors. By using clear and neutrally colored glazes I am able to reveal and highlight the intensity of the pure stains. I pay particular attention to my choice of color combinations and techniques for each unique piece.

When I was younger, I was interested in the underground camaraderie of the tattoo world, which eventually led me to an apprenticeship. This is the same force that led me to the community of ceramics. My tattoo influence has carried over to this new medium, reflected by the bold patterns and letters with which I adorn my forms. The patterns and imagery I choose reflect my appreciation for aesthetically correct values and repetition of line. I am also intrigued by the idea of natural perfection, so many of my designs feature motifs such as spider webs, snowflakes and waves.

Clay is the best medium for me. It gives me the chance to create illusion in a three-dimensional, functional, permanent form. I relate to slip-trailing because it gives me a familiar feeling of working in two-dimensions, yet I am still able to achieve form and texture.

Before I execute my ideas I have a clear plan for the surface decoration of each piece. Subsequently, the design is organized but maintains a relaxed feel. The words on my pots are usually lyrics from my favorite songs, which I believe evoke good feelings.

I make functional pots because I want to share what I have made with my friends and family. It is a joy to see my pots being used by people who are close to me. My work exemplifies how I feel we should spend life: together, having fun and creating memories.


  • Ceramics
  • porcelain
  • drawing
  • sculpture